Please be sober, clean and have something to eat before you come to your appointment. We'll have you sign a form in which you declare to be 18+, healthy, and able to make decisions of your own. We expect you to be completely honest about these subjects, for your own safety, ours and other clients.

Your new tattoo needs some important aftercare for a good healing process.
  • Keep your tattoo wrapped for about 2 or 3 hours. Your artist will wrap it for you before you leave the studio
  • Cleanse your tattoo with water. Preferably use an anti-bacterial soap but this is not a neccesity. For bigger tattoos it is easier to just take a shower. Be gentle, don't rub your tattoo and don't stay under the water for too long.
  • Let it dry by air or dab it gently with a soft towel or kitchen paper
  • For optimal healing we recommend using a nourishing ointment/lotion, such as Bepanthene, Hustle Butter, Easy Tattoo, Cicaplast,... We sell aftercare products in the studio and in the webshop. DON'T use products like vaseline, Nivea, udder creme or (perfumed) body lotions. Only use what your artist recommends you to.
  • After cleansing and drying you need to put your lotion on. Make sure your hands are clean and only use a thin layer. Let it settle in before putting your clothes back on.
  • We recommend to hydrate your tattoo this way for 3 or 4 times a day
  • The first night after getting the tattoo, it is possible some excessive ink, blood, or wound fluid soil your bed sheets, so we advise you to wrap it again with some kitchen foil to prevent this from happening. The stains don't always wash out


    • Never touch your fresh tattoo with dirty hands, especially when you have pets at home. We don't want you to get an inflammation.
    • No swimming, bath tub or sauna for the next 4 weeks
    • Don't peel off the flakes of skin or eventual scabbing
    • No tanning or direct sunlight for 4 weeks. Always use a high SPF sunscreen to protect your tattoo's after healing too

    Don't hesitate to contact me if you have some further questions about the aftercare process